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  • What is an Aluminum extrusion?
    Aluminum extrusion is the process of shaping metal by pushing through a specific die cross section from a large press into specific shapes to be used for building materials. It is much stronger and more reliable than roll forming while being capable of handling high load applications.
  • What is aircraft alloy?
    Aircraft alloy is 6061 that is used for seating, internal components on airplane. It is light, but yet very strong and durable. It contains copper, magnesium and zinc added for ultimate strength
  • What colors are available for 4K Aluminum?
    Espresso, Adobe tan, Apollo Gray, and Quartz white.
  • What post sizes are available?
    4” square, 6” square are standards. The 8” square post is special order only. Note: The 8″ post size can span patio structure up to 33ft with only 2 posts!
  • What beams (rafters) sizes are available?
    2”x 4”, 2”x 6” and 2”x 8” beams are available, the larger the size the longer span is available.
  • What lattices sizes are available?
    2” square x .048 (economy), 3” square lattice, 2” HD lattice (.078) to hold Pergo-Soleil Panels. The 2” HD lattice can be a post to hold panel for yard art. Our 2”x4”x .062, 2”x6” x.062”, 1”x4”x.062 lattice is great for side wall lattice to provide shades and privacy.
  • What is 4K Pergo-Soleil Panels?
    4K Pergo-Soleil is a designed laser cut panel cut from a plain aluminum sheet alloy 5052. Each design must be redesign to accommodate to fit our standard size sheet 4’x8’ and 5’x10’. After they are laser cut, then they are powder coat with our unique custom powder coating which guaranteed 20 year warranty. Our panels are thick at .160 and .100 thickness and can be used for commercial application like shades, privacy panels, fencing, yard arts, etc.
  • What is the warranty for 4K Aluminum?
    4K Aluminum offers 20 years powder coating warranty. AAMA 2604
  • What is the maintenance on 4K Aluminum cover?
    Moderate dirt, an occasional washing with clear water using a garden hose and soft-bristled brush is commended or a long handled, a car-washing brush is ideal for this purpose.
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